What to expect

What’s it like working with us?

We want you to feel valued and informed, at every stage of your project.

We make sure we communicate clearly so that our clients understand how long we expect their project will take. This approach means that our clients can plan the next and subsequent stages of their project around the surveying aspect, and gives them the knowledge and confidence they need to proceed.
A quality surveyor needs a high attention to detail. We take the time to look for difficult to find, hidden survey marks, picking up every detail so your survey is as exact as possible.
We work with:

Property Developers
Licensed Builders
Home owner/builders
Infrastructure Corporations

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Personalised Service

Prepare to be treated as a VIP (because you are).

Exceptional Communication

We keep you informed throughout the project.


We work to meet your deadlines.

Attention to Detail

Accurate measurements result in precise plans.

Peace of Mind

Plan the rest of your project knowing that the surveying is taken care of.

Our process



We take your call or email.



We learn about your project and explain how we can help, while you provide us with your address, building plans & relevant information.



We estimate the project timeframe and provide an approximate cost.



We schedule your job, factoring in your project schedule and deadlines



We gather data, visit the job site and carry out the required work. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process.



We draft and create detailed plans and deliver them to you.

Professional Surveying Cooma

We work with clients who need surveying services for a variety of reasons

You may have inherited some land that you want to subdivide and sell.

You could work for a council and be designing a road, carpark or storm water drain.

You might be preparing to build your dream home.

Whatever your project, we can deliver quality surveying across Canberra, the Snowy Mountains, & NSW South Coast regions.