Property Development & Subdivisions

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We work with Property Developers, Property Owners and Home Owner Builders to subdivide property, change the use of land or develop a block to maximise its potential.

If you’re a developer who’s planning a whole residential housing estate or you’re a home owner who’s building a second house on your block, we provide a variety of surveying services for large and small development projects.
Property Development Subdivisions

How we can help your next Property Development or Subdivision…

Development Application

A Development Application is a formal application for development that requires consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). Usually submitted to a Local Council, a DA consists of standard application forms, supporting technical reports & detailed surveying plans.

Large-Scale Deposited Plans

Greenacre developments usually involve the subdivision of multiple large rural block into numerous residential blocks. Often located on the perimeter of towns where land is available.

Strata & Stratum Plans

Strata subdivision allow buyers to gain ownership of part of a property but share ownership of other areas of the complex including the building itself (block of units).

Stratum subdivision allows an individual title to be limited in height and depth by specific reduced levels. Providing the opportunity for multiple titles to be on top of each other in a multi-storey building.

Estate Design

We can assist with Residential, Commercial and Industrial Estate Designs by providing detailed Site, Context and Concept Plans.

Residential Deposited Plans – 2 Lot Infill

Rural Deposited Plans

Consolidation Deposited Plans

Easement Creation & Removal

Lease Plans

Lettable area Plans (GLA, GLAR, NLA)

Subdivision Certificate Applications (SC)

SEE (Statement of Environmental Effects)

Pre-Lodgement Council Meetings

Project Management

Jack Atkinson is a Registered Surveyor with more than 15 years industry experience.

Whatever your project, we can deliver quality surveying across Canberra, the Snowy Mountains, & NSW South Coast regions.

We want you to feel valued and informed, at every stage of your project.



We take your call or email.



We learn about your project and explain how we can help, while you provide us with your building plans & other relevant information.



We estimate the project timeframe and provide an approximate cost.



We schedule your job, factoring in your project schedule and deadlines



We gather data, visit the job site and carry out the required work. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process.



We draft and create detailed plans and deliver them to you.

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